1,000 Nameless Riau Islands May Be Claimed

The Regional Initiatives for Governance, Human Rights and Social Justice (Rights) of ASEAN indicates that around 1,000 islands in the Riau Islands have yet to be named. The situation is said to have the potency of causing territorial conflicts between Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia.

“The islands are bordered with Johor (Malaysia), Singapore and Riau Islands,” said ASEAN Rights Regional Director, Ellena Florance Manambe, yesterday, Oct 12.

According to Ellena, the 1,000 islands are fully situated in the Indonesian territories. It is the right of the Riau Islands administration to name the islands as stipulated in Law No.32/2004 on Regional Autonomy.

The Riau Islands administration is appealed to take the measure as soon as possible in anticipating the future effects.

“There are fish flour and high marine resources due to its archipelagic site,” he said.

Ellena also reminds about Indonesian children living in the nameless islands and are mostly working in Malaysia.

“The people of the nameless islands are more Indonesia. But if Malaysia claims them, we can do nothing about it,” he said.


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