Five Lost Climbers Found Alive

A joint search and rescue team found five climbers lost on Mount Tandikek, West Sumatra, alive today. According to an information, two of the five mountaineers were wounded, blocking them from proceeding with the journey. 

“The search and rescue team discovered them today at around 1.15 pm,” said Chief of Mountaineering Team of Andalas University, Adhi Prawira, today, Jan 4.

The evacuation process is being prepared. Adhi said the climbers were trapped on Salo path, a section between Mount Tandikek and Singgalang, which is quite difficult to pass.

The last contact with the climbers maintained earlier informed the rescue team that they had been on steep hills. “They may be sucked in on the spot and lacked food. Two climbers were injured as well,” said Adhi.

The said mountaineers include Beni, 19, Osri Samson, 27, Fuji, Agun, and Imam.

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