Largest Quran in the World in West Java

The biggest Quran in the world is available at an Islamic boarding school Al-Shriyyah Nurul Iman in Bogor, West Java.

Leader of the boarding school, cleric Saggaf ibn Mahdi ibn Assyekh Abu Bakar ibn Salim, said the Quran was originated from Moro, Philippines.

“At a sudden, we were sent a package two months ago. I may be given a mandate to take good care of [the Quran],” said the cleric today, August 20.

The Quran is two meters in length and 2.80 meters in width. In addition, it is made of banana midrib instead of paper.

The verses are hand-written. Nonetheless, details as to how long the Quran is written as well as who may be behind its production remain unknown. “We’ve been waiting for the precise data for two months,” said the cleric.

The Quran is kept inside Masjid Thoha. Moreover, before it is stored in the masjid, the cleric inspects every verse available. “I did a double-check on the Quran for a month inside my room,” he said. No mistake was found upon the verifying process.

“Hopefully, the Quran can least for the next 500 years,” he said.


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