One Home, Two Countries

Asmirani never imagined that the house she had lived in since 1981 would finally become part of Malaysian territory despite of his being Indonesian. The shift in state border took place since the new agreement on territories was renewed in Aji Kuning, Sebatik Island, East Kalimantan.

Residing in Malaysian land, Asmirani said he is still an Indonesian. In addition to having an Indonesian ID card, Asmirani said he still deals with regular matters in terms of citizenship.

“I’m from Bugis. I’ve no problem dealing with administrative affairs,” he told VIVAnews in Sebatik Island, East Kalimantan, today, Dec 14.

Aji Kuning is a special territory which on one side glues Indonesia and Malaysia while bordering the two nations. Different homes stand on two countries, one of which is owned by Mapangara. The front part of his home lies in Indonesia while the rear section nests in Malaysia.

“I find it okay to live in two countries. I’m an Indonesian by nationality,” said Mapangara who, with his wife, has been in the area for 10 years.

Most of Aji Kuning population are mainly of Bugis ethnic, which help ease them to choose a nationality. They also paste the Indonesian logo of red and white on the front part of their homes.”Once an Indonesian, I’ll be forever Indonesian,” said another Indonesian, Darnah.


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